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What is the difference between Lladro, Nao and Nadal figurines?

Many people have asked me what the difference is between Lladro, Nao and Nadal Figurines. The following information is provided a a resource to help you determine the difference, similarities and relationship between the three brands.

Lladro was created in 1953 by Juan, Vincente and Jose Lladro in Valencia Spain. Today Lladro is one of the most highly collected figurines. In 1953 lladro was hand made and hand designed and the tradition still continues today. Lladro is still made in Valencia Spain and is imported to countries world-wide. For a nice selection of affordable and authentic Lladro

For more information on Lladro including retired figurines

NAO is a brand of the Lladró group, whose pieces are distinguished by the simplicity of their forms, lighthearted subject matters and colorful presentations. All NAO pieces are created by the team of sculptors at the City of Porcelain and are made at the company’s workshops in the town of Xirivella, in Valencia (Spain).

For a nice selection of authentic Nao Figurines

If you wish to have more information on NAO, we recommend visiting

Nadal was founded by Don José Asunción Marqués (1890-1961) and has now been going for 3 generations. Today NADAL, a completely modernized company, is still one of the leaders in the production of figurines and like Lladro, is also hand designed and hand made in Spain.

For a nice selection of authentic Nadal Figurines

For more information on Nadal Figurines please visit their website at

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